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Sensory Overload: Condition of receiving too much information or stimulation via visual or audio sources, overstimulation of one or more senses. Complete Sensory Overload on every level is a gross understatement of a live encounter with ZolotiNatioN!

With a combination of overpowering lasers, light, and sound, ZolotiNatioN takes your concert experience to a whole new level! Soul shaking Electro/Hip-Hop/Rock fused soundscapes provide an over-the-top soundtrack to ZolotiNatioN’s visual theatrics.

Front-man KaiN the EverymaN delivers a soulful, hip-hop-driven lyrical attack with a rock-infused vibe that brings emotions to a boiling point! KaiN’s machine gun flow is powerfully paralleled by his commanding stage presence. Bearing battle-ready face paint and movements reminiscent of his in-your-face southern metal roots, KaiN utilizes and abuses every inch of the stage bringing the dynamic of the live show to a fever pitch!

ZolotiNatioN’s newest addition Miss Elle brings a fresh twist to an already genre-bending sound. Layering warm and smooth accents, Elle’s vocals provide an emotional icing that leaves fans fully satisfied on every level.

KaiN and Elle provide a sound and stage show unmatched in live music! Bringing ZolotiNatioN’s live show full circle is a lighting bombardment that has been described as nothing less than “Shock and Awe!” Blinding strobe play, crowd-scanning lasers mixed with entrancing stage lighting, ZolotiNatioN takes you to all new heights visually!

ZolotiNatioN, with their unique sound, high-octane stage presence, and soul-shattering light show IS the definition of COMPLETE SENSORY OVERLOAD!!!

ZolotiNatioN has shared stages with:
Fat Joe, DMX, Big Red Rooster, DJ Milkman, The Super Mash Bros, Ghostland Observatory, Young Joc, DJ Skeet Skeet, Mike Jones, Juvenile, Dorrough, Z-Ro and many more!!!

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