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E.D Nix

E.D. Nix is a 22-year-old opportunist from New Orleans, Louisiana that is developing into one of the budding stars of the entertainment industry. Influenced by the jazzy heritage of his hometown while raised in the classic nineties era, Nix introduces what he likes to call the “New Age Hip Hop” genre to the masses with his first two projects “On My Way Home” (Oct 2011) and “Higher Earning” (Mar 2012). Nix is featured in media publications as far as Canada. Hip Hop sites
include View Hip Hop, Kevin Nottingham, Vlad TV, Triple HQ, Daily Loud, and
more. E.D.Nix is as humble an artist as he is a person. His music paints a vivid
picture of his entrepreneurial ambition, and love for authentic hip hop.

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/EDNix
Web: http://nixmedia.wordpress.com/e-d-nix-bio
Music: http://soundcloud.com/nixmafia

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