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G-Click features two natives of Bronx, NY. That’s Youngdef and Jao. Their music comes from the heart and that shows in their dope lyrics. As you play these tracks you’ll feel the honesty and truth that these homies bring to the game. To stay up with G-Click subscribe at and watch for the Husters Music mix tape.


DJ Tati

Knowledge, determination, and faith, are all of these traits, Queens native, ascertained, in order to excel in a male dominated, hustle-minded, fast paced industry. Tatiana Simmons a.k.a DJ Tati was born and raised in Queens, New York, on May 27, 1991. Growing up, she had many influences to help drive her into the DJ world. Her influences were DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kool Red Alert and her father who had an immense passion for music. Tati began DJing at the age of 12 consistently, and DJed her first party at age 13.

Her desires to become a professional, well-known DJ were met with numerous obstacles. She received a lot of skepticism from males however; she never let that phase her. Now at 20 years old, DJ Tati has met more than half of her goals, this includes DJing in Clubs/Events on a weekly basis, a Daily Radio Show, a “street buzz” and best of all being known as a quality DJ. Tati is still on her grind to the top, and absolutely nothing or no one is in her way.

Now DJ Tati is back with another #DigWorthy Mixtape. #DigWorthy is a Seasonal Mixtape created by DJ Tati, which contains music from unsigned and indie artists. #DigWorthy 1, which was released summer 2011, gained Over 12,000
Hits on DJ Tati’s Second (2nd) #DigWorthy mix tape was released November 19th, 2011 and it exhibits unsigned-indie artists from Chicago, Florida, New York City, Maryland, Texas, and Canada.

DJ Tati Presents #DigWorthy 2

DatPiff Download #Digworthy 2

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Charged Up DJ
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Team Skyy
Virtual Assassin
GetzItOut DJ
Street Style DJ
Cherokee’s DJs


You know his name now listen to his game. Artz is back representing NYC and bringing mad flow on a new “Occupy HipHop” Mixtape.

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Download Occupy HipHop Mixtape


On his relentless pursuit to have his talent heard and recognized by the mass public, EBoss considers “Transcendent” an important stepping stone in the right direction. EBoss is an intelligent 24 year old who has devoted his life to his career as a rapper/producer and is determined to make an impact on the hip-hop community through his creativity and love for music. Eboss went to school for sound engineering at The Institute of Audio Research in New York City. He uses Logic Pro to produce and record and is currently working out of Philadelphia.

On January 12, 2012, eBoss will be releasing his album, “Transcendent: The Arise” and this track “Get Up” is the first single off the first installment of the Transcendent trilogy. “Transcendent II: The Revolt” and “Transcendent III: The Ascension” will complete the trilogy and will be released on later dates.


Bringing that Connecticut swag Klokwize twists the raw lyricism of east coast hip hop with the melodic sounds of his live band into what The Hartford Courant calls “universal, organic music.” Klokwize was recently nominated for 3 Connecticut Hip Hop Awards for ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Video of the Year’ and ‘Mixtape of the Year.’ Already achieving commercial success with “Between the Hours” featuring Brendan D’Amico-Dayz, Klokwize is loaded and ready to blow up the hiphop scene.

Twitter: klokwizetc


Mayhem brings you back to the golden era with the track “I Ain’t Lyin” off the 3rd installment of his “Early May” mix tape series. Mayhem’s flow is fast on the draw but smooth on the line. Get the mix tape free at this link and prepare to nod your head.

Jay Holly

Representing South Jamaica Queens, Jay Holly is everything you’d expect and more from an East Coast don. Well thought out lyrics and catchy beats leave you wanting more. Jay’s style and quality are already well polished. This dude is blowing up soon so find Jay Holly on Twitter and give him love before he’s too popular to follow you back.

“Lay down if you ain’t down with the movement, you can’t get this everywhere, my sound is exclusive”

Rashad & Confidence

Aptly named Confidence, this Philly rapper and producer exudes a swagger destined to drive him to the top of the producing business. With smooth well executed beats and east coast straight talk this flow is hot. Check out tidbits off the up and coming mix tape “The Element of Surprise” out November 29, 2011.

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Satchmo brings that east coast swag mixed with unique musical style. Born in Manhattan, Satchmo moved through Florida, Georgia & Jamaica. All of these sounds can be heard in his flow. Currently in Tallahassee, Florida, Satchmo is primed to make a big splash in the hiphop game.


Bringing a laid back east coast feel reminiscent of Watsky, Nas & Common this dude Money Mike brings it. Well thought out lyrics and a smooth flow make Money Mike a player in the game. The second track below “Its Just Me” is off the new mixtape Welcome to My Mind.