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Boy Jenius

Representing the 502 straight outta the Ville Jade Traymone Phillips aka Boy Jenius is taking over. Becoming 104.3 The Beat’s most requested artist. Now the hit single “Bat It Out” is taking over youtube. Follow Boy Jenius and throw up ya Ls


Yung Hefner

Straight out of Flint Yung Hefner brings that Michigan street style that goes hard.

Bringing it all on “Save Me From The Game” Yung Hefner details staying true to his roots and not let fame change who he is. “Tonight’s The Night” is a love song brought with the same strong ear for the beat that Yung Hefner shows on the rest of his “Nu Kid On Da Bloc” mix tape.

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And find more of the mix tape on Soundcloud

International Maverick

Chicago’s International Maverick is more than just an up and coming hip hop star, he’s also a producer that spends 24/7 in the studio. Blending old school and new school International Maverick’s sound is unique and interesting.

Starting off with the title track from his new mix tape “Pardon My French” International Maverick keeps it real telling people to quit complaining and “do something about it.”

The track “Chi State of Mind” describes life on Chi-town’s north side. This track was reminiscent of DMX’s track “Who We Be” and demands the listener to take a hard look at who they are and where they’re from.

Flowing nicely into the pickup track “When You Got It” International Maverick shows his versatility and style.

When you got it you got, you can lose it in a second. Imma go hard til the day I go breathless”

International Maverick WILL be a superstar soon so jump on the bandwagon now while there’s still time.

Substance Muzik

Substance Muzik brings a smooth flow and laid back atmosphere on their track “Str8 Coasting.” Then turning up the heat they go hard on “Cufflinks”

“nothing but super sized lyrics on the menu, we tear down any stage no matter what the venue.”

Sunstance Muzik is a Chicago duo comprised of rappers Dat Business & Ill Gordon just debuted their mix tape hosted by DJ Metialready. Be sure to check your boys at http://www.substancemuzik.comto pick up a free copy.


Rapper M.I.N.D represents his city Louisville, KY in this song  “Hometown.”  Loving Hip Hop since he was a toddler he makes that old school smooth type of music, but puts his own twist on to things to make his music unique and entertaining.
” I think outside the box on everything, I like making that music that you can listen to anywhere at any time..that cool shit.”
Follow him on Twitter @MTylerIND and check out his other music at



Hometown by

Tha Flock

Thx to my boy @mtylerIND for pointing me to his cousin’s group Tha Flock.  Bringing me straight back to the Ville with smooth southern rap that’s easy on the ears.  But you will be humming this track for days so be warned!  Tha Flock goes hard.



The Cranberry Show

‘Cause sometimes I just wanna have fun. These guys got mad flow and skills mixed with humor that will leave you smiling. Over an uptempo rhythm that gets you out to dougie these guys put down killer lyrics like “and i’m sicker than the influenza” These dudes are here to stay. Check out their website for up and coming shows. Shout out to @dopelifelivin for sending me this link on Twitter.

Chet Haze

Going through his share of fame and adversity this summer is up and coming artist Chet Haze.  His recent remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” called “White & Purple” which celebrated his current school Northwestern brought him national attention.  As did Howard Stern’s ripping of him on air.  Why does Stern care about a little known white rapper from Illinois?  Well Chet Haze is the son of Tom Hanks.  Yeah THAT Tom Hanks.

So is Chet for real or just another celebrity wanna be?  Based on his new release” Another Chance” I’m going to go with the first option.  At this point I’d hardly put Chet Haze in the category of emerging college rappers Mac Miller, Chiddy Bang, or even Sammy Adams.  But Chet does have skills and skills can get you far in the hiphop game.  I can already hear teeny bobber hearts breaking across the country.  My only advice for Chet is to stick with singing.  His rhymes aren’t bad but his pipes are tight.  Check out the fluff piece Hollywood for confirmation.

I feel for Chet.  Having a dad that starred in DaVinci Code doesn’t exactly push you to the top of the hip hop legitimacy.  But I think Chet is worth a second listen.

Arcade by Matt Hackney

Check out this indie flow from Matthew Hackney. (Sounds like Snow Patrol, One Republic, Sons of Sylvia, Jason Mraz and John Mayer)

[wpvideo 6ibu49fE]