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Red$kin Kam “Purple Clouds” Official Video

Red$kin Kam Official Video for “Purple Clouds”  off his up and coming EP. Kam flew out to NYC to record this collab with fellow Texas Artist B.Hartless who is currently working on his debut album “Schizoid”



Sensory Overload: Condition of receiving too much information or stimulation via visual or audio sources, overstimulation of one or more senses. Complete Sensory Overload on every level is a gross understatement of a live encounter with ZolotiNatioN!

With a combination of overpowering lasers, light, and sound, ZolotiNatioN takes your concert experience to a whole new level! Soul shaking Electro/Hip-Hop/Rock fused soundscapes provide an over-the-top soundtrack to ZolotiNatioN’s visual theatrics.

Front-man KaiN the EverymaN delivers a soulful, hip-hop-driven lyrical attack with a rock-infused vibe that brings emotions to a boiling point! KaiN’s machine gun flow is powerfully paralleled by his commanding stage presence. Bearing battle-ready face paint and movements reminiscent of his in-your-face southern metal roots, KaiN utilizes and abuses every inch of the stage bringing the dynamic of the live show to a fever pitch!

ZolotiNatioN’s newest addition Miss Elle brings a fresh twist to an already genre-bending sound. Layering warm and smooth accents, Elle’s vocals provide an emotional icing that leaves fans fully satisfied on every level.

KaiN and Elle provide a sound and stage show unmatched in live music! Bringing ZolotiNatioN’s live show full circle is a lighting bombardment that has been described as nothing less than “Shock and Awe!” Blinding strobe play, crowd-scanning lasers mixed with entrancing stage lighting, ZolotiNatioN takes you to all new heights visually!

ZolotiNatioN, with their unique sound, high-octane stage presence, and soul-shattering light show IS the definition of COMPLETE SENSORY OVERLOAD!!!

ZolotiNatioN has shared stages with:
Fat Joe, DMX, Big Red Rooster, DJ Milkman, The Super Mash Bros, Ghostland Observatory, Young Joc, DJ Skeet Skeet, Mike Jones, Juvenile, Dorrough, Z-Ro and many more!!!


C-Weave is from Crane, TX and has been rapping for 12 years off and on but became serious about it 6 years ago when he was 19. Not knowing where to turn to musically after his death metal band DeadLie broke up after 8 years he took a few months off completely. DJ Joe Incredibull, who was also in DeadLie, had always made beats on the side and finally C-Weave attempted a song on one. It instantly clicked and only got better from there, each song making the 2 more and more serious about the project. In 3 months they created the album “Purely True” which is 18 tracks, all entirely created by C-Weave & DJ Joe Incredibull.

In the midst of this, 2 years ago C-Weave got into rap battling. After a while he got into WTRB, a written accapella format league, and has continuted to stay undefeated for a year with a record of 6-0. C-Weave is also known for his strong freestyle ability.

C-Weave & DJ Joe Incredibull are currently working on their 2nd album. C-Weave also has an 18 track mixtape of collaborations with artists from all around the area. When the 2nd album is completed he hopes to move to Austin and strongly try to market the 3 cd’s and expand his battling into other leagues.

Purely True and the mixtape are both on sale now! 2nd album coming soon!

Michael White

Monster Grindin – Representing Corpus Christi, Texas, up and coming star Michael White can be found killing the Texas Rap Battle League circuit or grinding in the 361. White rose to fame with his controversial diss track “That’s Now How You Represent the 361” that featured a cameo by Corpus Christi’s mayor. Follow Michael White on twitter and watch his rise to the top.


Treal keeps Lubbock, Texas, on it’s feet every weekend. The newest addition to the NHHS roster, Treal is doing big things and ready to blow up. Check out his latest video produced by yours truly.

Red Skin Kam

Red Skin Kam is currently blowing up the Lubbock rap battle scene. Watch him going in hard on Grind Time last year and in the club with yours truly going crazy at the 6 min mark.



New Freestyle From Genesys

Genesys goin in hard over the Look At Me Now beat. Representing that 806 Lubbock Texas baby.

Rizz ‘Em

Representing the 806, Rizz Em is making big waves at the Lubbock rap battle league. He got that smooth Texas flow mixed with West Texas swag. Check out his mix tape and videos. Guns Up!




Breaking out in the hip hop scene here in Texas is Top 20 producer Fresco aka Evan James. A former All American track & field athlete at Prairie View A&M Fresco is now a music producer and mixing engineer for Stinson Studios in Austin, Texas. Over the last few months Fresco has produced and written for artists like Young Jeezy, PrimeTime Click, Dj Chose, Chaney, Bone and Dorrough. Currently Fresco is listed on Modern Beats Top 20 Producers In The World and only grindin harder.

For beats and recording connect with Fresco The Producer.

Twitter: @FrescoTP

Facebook: theproducer



Archie Sol

I recently caught up with San Antonio Artist Archie Sol, and as usual his latest song off his newest mixtape shows how he’s focused on success. I first met Archie at the San Antonio Music Awards last year where he performed and dropped a on the spot freestyle after the show, you can check out the video below. Check out for the newest music from Archie you can definitely tell that this New Orleans born rapper puts his “heart, blood, sweat and love” in his music.