Reppin the Ville rapper M.I.N.D brings it with this official video to the song Keep It Ridin’ directed & produced by newhiphopstars entertainment M.Hackney More »

E.D Nix

E.D. Nix is a 22-year-old opportunist from New Orleans, Louisiana that is developing into one of the budding stars of the entertainment industry. Influenced by the jazzy heritage of his hometown while More »

The Rap Pack

Bringing that classy grind that can only be found out of New Orleans, The Rap Pack is a super group made up of Y.Luck, K.Gates and The Show. If you are not More »


G-Click features two natives of Bronx, NY. That’s Youngdef and Jao. Their music comes from the heart and that shows in their dope lyrics. As you play these tracks you’ll feel the More »

B.Hartless New Video #imogenflow

New video from B.Hartless aka Genesys #imogenflow directed and produced by New Hip Hop Stars Entertainment More »


C-Weave is from Crane, TX and has been rapping for 12 years off and on but became serious about it 6 years ago when he was 19. Not knowing where to turn to musically after his death metal band DeadLie broke up after 8 years he took a few months off completely. DJ Joe Incredibull, who was also in DeadLie, had always made beats on the side and finally C-Weave attempted a song on one. It instantly clicked and only got better from there, each song making the 2 more and more serious about the project. In 3 months they created the album “Purely True” which is 18 tracks, all entirely created by C-Weave & DJ Joe Incredibull.

In the midst of this, 2 years ago C-Weave got into rap battling. After a while he got into WTRB, a written accapella format league, and has continuted to stay undefeated for a year with a record of 6-0. C-Weave is also known for his strong freestyle ability.

C-Weave & DJ Joe Incredibull are currently working on their 2nd album. C-Weave also has an 18 track mixtape of collaborations with artists from all around the area. When the 2nd album is completed he hopes to move to Austin and strongly try to market the 3 cd’s and expand his battling into other leagues.

Purely True and the mixtape are both on sale now! 2nd album coming soon!


Michael White

Monster Grindin – Representing Corpus Christi, Texas, up and coming star Michael White can be found killing the Texas Rap Battle League circuit or grinding in the 361. White rose to fame with his controversial diss track “That’s Now How You Represent the 361” that featured a cameo by Corpus Christi’s mayor. Follow Michael White on twitter and watch his rise to the top.

NHHS Showcase At La Kumbia Club Lubbock, TX

Newhiphopstars.com artist showcase debuts January 11, 2011, at Lubbock’s La Kumbia Club. Come out to 5001 Ave Q Lubbock, TX for $1 margaritas & canned beer until 11 pm!


Treal keeps Lubbock, Texas, on it’s feet every weekend. The newest addition to the NHHS roster, Treal is doing big things and ready to blow up. Check out his latest video produced by yours truly.

DJ Tati

Knowledge, determination, and faith, are all of these traits, Queens native, ascertained, in order to excel in a male dominated, hustle-minded, fast paced industry. Tatiana Simmons a.k.a DJ Tati was born and raised in Queens, New York, on May 27, 1991. Growing up, she had many influences to help drive her into the DJ world. Her influences were DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kool Red Alert and her father who had an immense passion for music. Tati began DJing at the age of 12 consistently, and DJed her first party at age 13.

Her desires to become a professional, well-known DJ were met with numerous obstacles. She received a lot of skepticism from males however; she never let that phase her. Now at 20 years old, DJ Tati has met more than half of her goals, this includes DJing in Clubs/Events on a weekly basis, a Daily Radio Show, a “street buzz” and best of all being known as a quality DJ. Tati is still on her grind to the top, and absolutely nothing or no one is in her way.

Now DJ Tati is back with another #DigWorthy Mixtape. #DigWorthy is a Seasonal Mixtape created by DJ Tati, which contains music from unsigned and indie artists. #DigWorthy 1, which was released summer 2011, gained Over 12,000
Hits on Coast2CoastMixtapes.com DJ Tati’s Second (2nd) #DigWorthy mix tape was released November 19th, 2011 and it exhibits unsigned-indie artists from Chicago, Florida, New York City, Maryland, Texas, and Canada.

DJ Tati Presents #DigWorthy 2

DatPiff Download #Digworthy 2





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Charged Up DJ
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Team Skyy
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GetzItOut DJ
Street Style DJ
Cherokee’s DJs


You know his name now listen to his game. Artz is back representing NYC and bringing mad flow on a new “Occupy HipHop” Mixtape.

Support the movement – follow Yarshall Artz #rejectdreams



Download Occupy HipHop Mixtape


On his relentless pursuit to have his talent heard and recognized by the mass public, EBoss considers “Transcendent” an important stepping stone in the right direction. EBoss is an intelligent 24 year old who has devoted his life to his career as a rapper/producer and is determined to make an impact on the hip-hop community through his creativity and love for music. Eboss went to school for sound engineering at The Institute of Audio Research in New York City. He uses Logic Pro to produce and record and is currently working out of Philadelphia.

On January 12, 2012, eBoss will be releasing his album, “Transcendent: The Arise” and this track “Get Up” is the first single off the first installment of the Transcendent trilogy. “Transcendent II: The Revolt” and “Transcendent III: The Ascension” will complete the trilogy and will be released on later dates.


Boy Jenius

Representing the 502 straight outta the Ville Jade Traymone Phillips aka Boy Jenius is taking over. Becoming 104.3 The Beat’s most requested artist. Now the hit single “Bat It Out” is taking over youtube. Follow Boy Jenius and throw up ya Ls



Solo Thang

Solo Thang aka The Travellah is a hiphop artist from Tanzania now living in Ireland. With a smooth flow reminiscent of Dr. Dre with an African flair “All I Need” is the kind of song you need playing as you cruise on Friday night.

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Red Skin Kam

Red Skin Kam is currently blowing up the Lubbock rap battle scene. Watch him going in hard on Grind Time last year and in the club with yours truly going crazy at the 6 min mark.