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B.Hartless New Video #imogenflow

New video from B.Hartless aka Genesys #imogenflow directed and produced by New Hip Hop Stars Entertainment


Zeale (pronounced “Zilly”) is a rapper based out of Austin, TX. Zeale is often seen performing around ATX at venues as noted as Emo’s, Stubb’s, and SXSW. A unique flow and well thought out lyrics make Zeale a player to follow in this rap game.

Viral hit “Monzter Hozpital” provides a true reflection on the futility of the wars in Iraq & Afganistan that has been missing in today’s hiphop culture.

16 Barz was shot and produced in 24 hours on the streets of Austin for B.E.T. & Swizz Beatz Hot 16 Challenge.

Visit Zeale’s website to download and listen to his mix tapes for free!