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Reppin the Ville rapper M.I.N.D brings it with this official video to the song Keep It Ridin’ directed & produced by newhiphopstars entertainment M.Hackney

E.D Nix

E.D. Nix is a 22-year-old opportunist from New Orleans, Louisiana that is developing into one of the budding stars of the entertainment industry. Influenced by the jazzy heritage of his hometown while raised in the classic nineties era, Nix introduces what he likes to call the “New Age Hip Hop” genre to the masses with his first two projects “On My Way Home” (Oct 2011) and “Higher Earning” (Mar 2012). Nix is featured in media publications as far as Canada. Hip Hop sites
include View Hip Hop, Kevin Nottingham, Vlad TV, Triple HQ, Daily Loud, and
more. E.D.Nix is as humble an artist as he is a person. His music paints a vivid
picture of his entrepreneurial ambition, and love for authentic hip hop.

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/EDNix
Web: http://nixmedia.wordpress.com/e-d-nix-bio
Music: http://soundcloud.com/nixmafia

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Russian Rullet

Inglewoodz own Russian Rullet brings us real “Music” on this track from the upcoming mix tape “Mr. Louis.” Rullet has no need for cheap tricks or foul language to make his point. He brings his A game and that’s it. Check this track and follow Russian Rullet on Twitter.


Satchmo brings that east coast swag mixed with unique musical style. Born in Manhattan, Satchmo moved through Florida, Georgia & Jamaica. All of these sounds can be heard in his flow. Currently in Tallahassee, Florida, Satchmo is primed to make a big splash in the hiphop game.


Bringing a laid back east coast feel reminiscent of Watsky, Nas & Common this dude Money Mike brings it. Well thought out lyrics and a smooth flow make Money Mike a player in the game. The second track below “Its Just Me” is off the new mixtape Welcome to My Mind.


Better Known As Artz the Brooklyn native emerged on to the hip-hop scene at the early age of 15 years old. Growing up he was never a stranger to the hip-hop culture, being raised in a household that always through the best house parties and kept the stereo system on full blast. When Artz was only 7 years old he use to sit on his couch and record music videos on VCR tapes to later on go back and study the lyrics and flows that captivated his world. Music changed his life more then once, on October 17th 2008 he nearly died from a bullet that landed in the right side of his face. The near death taught him that life is precious and to make the most of his dreams, with influences like Biggie Smalls, Nas, Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, and Kanye West its safe to say Artz learned to develop his own style of music known for witty wordplay, impressive lyricism and a fresh style. Watch his growth and become a a part of the revolution he intends to create with his “Reject Dreams” lifestyle don’t forget to spell out his last name A. R. T. ZWill Power+Faith+Self Belief= Reject Dreams

Artz&Drafts EP- http://artz.bandcamp.com/album/artz-drafts

For all Music/Projects(Mixtapes): go to http://Artz.bandcamp.com/


Eric Sosa

Eric Sosa has his stuff together. Winner of MTV’s Sucka Free Competition his fresh style will win you over from moment one. With a modern well played website to killer youtube vids this up and coming NYC rapper is ready to make big waves. Check out his recent iTunes release “Came Along (Way)”


Gritty lyrics and a hard voice makes FlyDreamStar stand out in the crowd. Based in Austin, Texas, FLY’s debut mix tape Cloud 9 is debuting soon on iTunes.

For media inquiries and/or bookings, contact Lo-Down Entertainment at (626) 219-6728 and follow Fly on twitter.


That grimy Europe street sound permeates this well thought out hustle tracks.  It’s called “realist rap” for a reason.   You’ll find yourself rocking your head to the real sound of the UK’s own Deebz. 1,700+ people have watched this dude on youtube and after you watch these vids you’ll subscribe too.

“i won’t stop the hustle til I made enough”

Mr. Univerze – Hitch Hitch Muzik

Mr. Univerze keepin it real with this jam called Hitch Muzik. We all been there on our grind tryin to get paid. Eric Biddiness’ smooth vocals round out a great jam. So next time your hitchin I guarantee this will be running through your mind! Be sure to check Mr. Univerze on twitter and Facebook.