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That UK flavor goes hard in the paint and kills it.  Kruze representing on this jam Right Now.  noddin your head you can’t help but feel that summer flo on this beat.  Catch Kruze before he blows up! Check Kruze on twitter



Rapper M.I.N.D represents his city Louisville, KY in this song  “Hometown.”  Loving Hip Hop since he was a toddler he makes that old school smooth type of music, but puts his own twist on to things to make his music unique and entertaining.
” I think outside the box on everything, I like making that music that you can listen to anywhere at any time..that cool shit.”
Follow him on Twitter @MTylerIND and check out his other music at http://soundcloud.com/mindcartel



Hometown by

Tha Flock

Thx to my boy @mtylerIND for pointing me to his cousin’s group Tha Flock.  Bringing me straight back to the Ville with smooth southern rap that’s easy on the ears.  But you will be humming this track for days so be warned!  Tha Flock goes hard.



The Cranberry Show

‘Cause sometimes I just wanna have fun. These guys got mad flow and skills mixed with humor that will leave you smiling. Over an uptempo rhythm that gets you out to dougie these guys put down killer lyrics like “and i’m sicker than the influenza” These dudes are here to stay. Check out their website for up and coming shows. Shout out to @dopelifelivin for sending me this link on Twitter.

GoldenChyld – Killing Field

Broaden your horizons with this track going straight to the heart. Real talk. Cambodian rapper GoldenChyld reppin his people on this track that tells it like it is ..”give thanks for the things we heard, stay and fight for the things we’ve earned, take back everything we earned, it’s your chance you can take this turn..nightmares every time i sleep, so wake up let’s live our dreams…” Mad flow on step follow GoldenChyld on twitter or his website.

Da New Amoney feat Timbar & Scrapz: Freestyle

If you’re up for hearing that foreign flava check out this freestyle from Amoney, Timbar & Scrapz courtesy of @raptvofficial.  They got mad flow. Then be sure to watch  @amoneyartist shooting from the hip on the jam “Tryna Stop Me”  Channeling that old soul he raps “I’ve made a beta change, I’m now a beta G, I been through every pain, So what I know is deep…”



Kidd Polo

@kiddpolo has opened up for some of the top hip hop acts out there including Trina, Gucci Mane, Lil Kim. If the track “Go” doesn’t get you out of your seat I don’t know what will! CLick the pic to go to Polo’s Reverb Nation page.


Jai Jones

On the track “Swag Od” rapper Jai Jones delivers a smooth gritty grind that’s easy to bump. “Put them L’s up” Not sure if he’s a cardinal fan but that line grabbed me for sure. Check out this jam and watch out for Jai Jones. Also followable on twitter!

Toni Baldwin

Everyone that reads my blog knows I’m mostly about hip hop. But when music is good it really doesn’t matter the style. As a change of pace from the usual I want to bring you guys some fantastic music by Toni Baldwin as my featured artist today. Toni has mad skills on the guitar and a great voice. Check out Gold Guns Girls and be sure to follow her on twitter @tonibaldwin



BedRoc is Mike Brown and ML. Formerly known as East Coast Kings these two super lyricists from Rochester, NY, are on a mission to dominate hip-hop. With smooth beats and well thought out tracks keep your eyes on these two. Social fun hiphop has a new return in this duo. Be sure to check out their website for upcoming shows!