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Tha Flock

Thx to my boy @mtylerIND for pointing me to his cousin’s group Tha Flock.  Bringing me straight back to the Ville with smooth southern rap that’s easy on the ears.  But you will be humming this track for days so be warned!  Tha Flock goes hard.



Chet Haze

Going through his share of fame and adversity this summer is up and coming artist Chet Haze.  His recent remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” called “White & Purple” which celebrated his current school Northwestern brought him national attention.  As did Howard Stern’s ripping of him on air.  Why does Stern care about a little known white rapper from Illinois?  Well Chet Haze is the son of Tom Hanks.  Yeah THAT Tom Hanks.

So is Chet for real or just another celebrity wanna be?  Based on his new release” Another Chance” I’m going to go with the first option.  At this point I’d hardly put Chet Haze in the category of emerging college rappers Mac Miller, Chiddy Bang, or even Sammy Adams.  But Chet does have skills and skills can get you far in the hiphop game.  I can already hear teeny bobber hearts breaking across the country.  My only advice for Chet is to stick with singing.  His rhymes aren’t bad but his pipes are tight.  Check out the fluff piece Hollywood for confirmation.

I feel for Chet.  Having a dad that starred in DaVinci Code doesn’t exactly push you to the top of the hip hop legitimacy.  But I think Chet is worth a second listen.

Mac Miller Delivers A Blow For Independent Music

Mac Miller has been redefining the face of independent music this summer with his new hit single “Donald Trump.” The most amazing thing about this up and comer is that all of his music to this point has been released via FREE mixed tapes including Donald Trump. And with more than 18 million views on youtube the song is widely available at no cost. Yet as soon as Mac’s music was available on itunes he instantly shot to the top of the charts. Proving that people will pay for music even if it’s available for free. Unlike fellow Pitt rapper Wiz Khalifa so far Miller is staying independent though labels are beating down his door. It remains to be seen how far Mac’s popularity can soar without the help of a major label but so far the sky seems to be the limit.