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Mayhem brings you back to the golden era with the track “I Ain’t Lyin” off the 3rd installment of his “Early May” mix tape series. Mayhem’s flow is fast on the draw but smooth on the line. Get the mix tape free at this link and prepare to nod your head.

Jay Holly

Representing South Jamaica Queens, Jay Holly is everything you’d expect and more from an East Coast don. Well thought out lyrics and catchy beats leave you wanting more. Jay’s style and quality are already well polished. This dude is blowing up soon so find Jay Holly on Twitter www.twitter.com/jayholly247 and give him love before he’s too popular to follow you back.

“Lay down if you ain’t down with the movement, you can’t get this everywhere, my sound is exclusive”

Eric Sosa

Eric Sosa has his stuff together. Winner of MTV’s Sucka Free Competition his fresh style will win you over from moment one. With a modern well played website to killer youtube vids this up and coming NYC rapper is ready to make big waves. Check out his recent iTunes release “Came Along (Way)”


Rapper M.I.N.D represents his city Louisville, KY in this song  “Hometown.”  Loving Hip Hop since he was a toddler he makes that old school smooth type of music, but puts his own twist on to things to make his music unique and entertaining.
” I think outside the box on everything, I like making that music that you can listen to anywhere at any time..that cool shit.”
Follow him on Twitter @MTylerIND and check out his other music at http://soundcloud.com/mindcartel



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