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Reppin the Ville rapper M.I.N.D brings it with this official video to the song Keep It Ridin’ directed & produced by newhiphopstars entertainment M.Hackney

Red$kin Kam “Purple Clouds” Official Video

Red$kin Kam Official Video for “Purple Clouds”  off his up and coming EP. Kam flew out to NYC to record this collab with fellow Texas Artist B.Hartless who is currently working on his debut album “Schizoid” http://bhartless.com/


E.D Nix

E.D. Nix is a 22-year-old opportunist from New Orleans, Louisiana that is developing into one of the budding stars of the entertainment industry. Influenced by the jazzy heritage of his hometown while raised in the classic nineties era, Nix introduces what he likes to call the “New Age Hip Hop” genre to the masses with his first two projects “On My Way Home” (Oct 2011) and “Higher Earning” (Mar 2012). Nix is featured in media publications as far as Canada. Hip Hop sites
include View Hip Hop, Kevin Nottingham, Vlad TV, Triple HQ, Daily Loud, and
more. E.D.Nix is as humble an artist as he is a person. His music paints a vivid
picture of his entrepreneurial ambition, and love for authentic hip hop.

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/EDNix
Web: http://nixmedia.wordpress.com/e-d-nix-bio
Music: http://soundcloud.com/nixmafia

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The Rap Pack

Bringing that classy grind that can only be found out of New Orleans, The Rap Pack is a super group made up of Y.Luck, K.Gates and The Show. If you are not vibin’ in on Alphanumerics check ya damn pulse! Follow these cats on twitter to find out whats poppin next.


Twitter: @therappack


New Freestyle From Genesys

Genesys goin in hard over the Look At Me Now beat. Representing that 806 Lubbock Texas baby.

Rizz ‘Em

Representing the 806, Rizz Em is making big waves at the Lubbock rap battle league. He got that smooth Texas flow mixed with West Texas swag. Check out his mix tape and videos. Guns Up!




Bringing that Connecticut swag Klokwize twists the raw lyricism of east coast hip hop with the melodic sounds of his live band into what The Hartford Courant calls “universal, organic music.” Klokwize was recently nominated for 3 Connecticut Hip Hop Awards for ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Video of the Year’ and ‘Mixtape of the Year.’ Already achieving commercial success with “Between the Hours” featuring Brendan D’Amico-Dayz, Klokwize is loaded and ready to blow up the hiphop scene.

Twitter: klokwizetc
Web: http://www.myspace.com/klokwize
Music: http://www.reverbnation.com/klokwize

Russian Rullet

Inglewoodz own Russian Rullet brings us real “Music” on this track from the upcoming mix tape “Mr. Louis.” Rullet has no need for cheap tricks or foul language to make his point. He brings his A game and that’s it. Check this track and follow Russian Rullet on Twitter.


Mayhem brings you back to the golden era with the track “I Ain’t Lyin” off the 3rd installment of his “Early May” mix tape series. Mayhem’s flow is fast on the draw but smooth on the line. Get the mix tape free at this link and prepare to nod your head.

Archie Sol

I recently caught up with San Antonio Artist Archie Sol, and as usual his latest song off his newest mixtape shows how he’s focused on success. I first met Archie at the San Antonio Music Awards last year where he performed and dropped a on the spot freestyle after the show, you can check out the video below. Check out http://www.reverbnation.com/ArchiSOL for the newest music from Archie you can definitely tell that this New Orleans born rapper puts his “heart, blood, sweat and love” in his music.